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New Puppy FAQ's

What brand of food should my new puppy eat? TOP
A good professional quality food is highly recommended! When going to their new homes, my puppy's new owners will receive specific feeding instructions along with enough of their current food to last for about a week.

How often should my new puppy eat? TOP
Puppies should eat 3-4 times a day with plenty of fresh water available at all times. When going to their new homes, my puppy's new owners will receive specific feeding instructions. Feeding requirements do sometimes vary from one puppy or one litter to the next depending on their individual needs.

I want to switch the brand of food my puppy is eating. When and/or how should I introduce the new food? TOP
When introducing your puppy to a new food, it should be done gradually over a period of around 4-5 days. This will help prevent any stomach upset. Gradually start mixing the new food with their current brand and slowing increase the percentage of new food while decreasing their current food each day.

My new puppy has loose stools. Is there something wrong and/or what should I do? TOP
Loose stools for a period of 1-2 days is fairly common for puppies when going to a new home or experiencing a change in diet. If loose stools persist more than 2 days, escalate into watery diarrhea, are accompanied by other concerns such as lethargy, vomiting (other than car sickness), and/or not eating or drinking, please consult your veterinarian immediately!

My puppy has diarrhea. Is there something wrong and/or what should I do? TOP
Where a loose stool is fairly common, watery diarrhea is not! If your puppy has watery diarrhea or you see blood in their stool, contact your veterinarian IMMEDIATELY! Puppies can dehydrate VERY quickly, causing organ failure/damage and/or death, so you need to seek medical attention ASAP!

My puppy sleeps a lot. Is this normal? TOP
Puppies do sleep a lot, this is normal. If you feel your puppy is sleeping too much or is lethargic and/or not eating and/or drinking as they should, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

My new puppy won't eat and I'm afraid he/she will get sick. How do I get him/her to eat? TOP
Puppies do become stressed when being separated from their litter-mates and going to a new home and environment, so their eating routine may alter for a day or two. With this being said, they still need to eat even though it may not be their normal intake amount. Sometimes it takes some enticing, so try addind a little warm water to their food, or mixing in some canned puppy food. Sometimes puppies will get too tired and/or too weak to eat, so restoring their energy level is essential. Give them some Nutri-Cal (available at most pet supply stores) or Karo syrup will work if Nutri-Cal is not available. If they will not lick it from you finger, simply rub it into their cheek and gums. If your puppy becomes lethargic please contact your veterinarian immediately!

I can't get my puppy to use the potty pad. How do I do this? TOP
Patience...patience...patience! Puppies need to be taught what is expected of them. Puppies tend to "go potty" immediately after waking and within 20 minutes after eating. I would suggest containing your new puppy to one room and placing the potty pad in a spot they can easily find. Observe your puppy for signs that they need to go to the bathroom. When you notice signs, place your puppy onto the potty pad. You will need to do this several times before your new puppy learns what is expected. DO NOT yell, spank, or rub their nose in it. Not only is the cruel since they have no idea why they are being scolded, but it will also slow down the housebreaking process.

Where do I buy the washable/re-useable pee pads? TOP
Doggie Pee Pads is at www.doggiepeepads.com I absolutely LOVE them!

How often should my puppy have a bath? TOP
Basically, whenever your puppy gets dirty. Bathing too often will dry out their skin and coat, so once every 2 weeks is sufficient in most cases. A good brushing should be all they need on a daily basis.

Why type of shampoo should I use to bathe my puppy? TOP
A good quality (gentle) shampoo designed for puppies. Do NOT use human shampoo.

When and/or how often does my puppy need to be seen by a veterinarian? TOP
Before picking up your new puppy, please have their first wellness check scheduled for no more than 3 days after their planned pick-up date. Your veterinarian will then recommend and schedule any follow-ups for vaccinations and check-ups. All of my puppies go to their new homes with at least 1-2 of their first vaccinations already done, so in most cases they will only need to be seen by your veterinarian twice more for routine check-ups and vaccinations before one year of age.